The Pros And Cons Of Bullying

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Register to read the introduction… Ingle insensitively states that "we're avoiding dealing with issues" by "slapping a bullying label on everything." Again, he does not have the credibility or knowledge to know how a comment will affect a child, therefore, it remains unfair to ignore any type of rude or hurtful statement. One insensitive comment to someone else can result in disastrous consequences because that person may already have other issues or problems the bully does not know about. A statistic from the Make Beats Not Beat Downs site states that 1 in 4 U.S. students are bullied every day. By reporting an action as bullying, we are dealing with that issue. Once the action is recognized as bullying it can be addressed properly and taken care of. Otherwise, people would simply tell their children to be nicer and how can that truly be effective? He is right in saying that "life is full of conflict" but we must deal with those conflicts in the correct manner, which in most cases means being sensitive to others' feelings and …show more content…
This anti-bullying law serves as one way to deal with the problem and probably one of the most potentially effective solutions. Ingle does not think so. He believes the solution is to "teach the kids manners, starting at home." This solution barely makes any sense. There is no way to require parents to teach their children manners at home and no way to make sure these manners remain the same across different households. Children are raised differently and will always be raised differently due to their home, parents, and environment. It is illogical to believe that simply attempting to teach children manners will prevent bullying from …show more content…
Bullying increasingly exists as an issue in children and young adults which begs society to act and prevent it from continuing to happen. It is unfair to assume that rude comments do not count as bullying because they could very much result in the same detrimental effects that "regular" bullying does. In addition, lawsuits are inevitable and not a factor that cannot be avoided through any attempted solution to a problem. Ingle possesses many flaws in his article. While this new bullying law can be analyzed many different ways, it comes down to the fact that children should not feel threatened, afraid, or hurt by others in their school or town and since this is an occurring problem, action must be taken to ensure the safety and security of those around us.

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