Animal Cruelty Means

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Not very many people because their attention is on other things or they don't know the true definition to what animal cruelty really means. Animals don't have a voice so the people are their voice to save them. What animal cruelty means is any violence or neglect to an animal, abuse that is lead to suffering or death. The Laws of Cruelty only for domestic animals for example house pets, horses, working animals. Animal Breeding and raising livestock is also Animal Cruelty if the animal is in pain or suffering. The cruelty falls in on of either categories: Passive or Active. For Active cruelty it is an intentional act that is to purposely to cause injury or death. Passive cruelty is when you show neglect and don’t act in ways to maintain the …show more content…
Most farmers cut costs by only feeding them small proportions and are put in very small cages not providing bedding. They also give the animals drugs for the meat-eating consumers. The animals do not have normal social contact. The animals that are in farms are sometimes part of cruelty. Broiler chickens they are breed and overweight they can’t hold themselves up. They are raised in overcrowded areas. Their toes, beaks are cut off to prevent fights. The diseases the chickens get can lead to death because there is no track of their health. Layer chickens lay 95% of eggs, male chicks are placed in trash bags. The female chicks are put back on the conveyor belt. 5 to 8 chickens are put in a 14 square inch cage. Where the birds cannot move very much the wire from the cages cuts their skin and bruises. When handling their bones would snap off of how brittle they were. Most of the hens die from many diseases that are caused because of the insanitation. Layer hens are killed when they are one or two years old. Turkeys have 3 square feet per cage the farmers get more money if the turkeys are fatter. The turkeys weight is so much they can't stand so their legs break. Cattle raised for beef are ironed for identifying the owners cattle. Cattle live in dirty pens, forced to eat and sleep. They get cancer eye, respiratory disease, metabolic disorders. 250 cows are killed every hour at slaughterhouses. Dairy cows live in crowded pens or bans. The milking machines injure or cut them. Cows are forced to produce 10 times the amount they can produce. The pigs are in areas of 18 to 24 square feet. Because of the small area they can’t walk around. Cows are only let to feed the newborns for 2 to 3 weeks not the 13 to 27 weeks. They are taken to get fattened up. Most of the time 15% of the newborn have died. When they cant breed anymore they are

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