The Pros And Cons Of A Bakery

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Walking down a street in New York this summer there were a lot of bakeries that could be found. Going into those bakeries and seeing the people behind the counter put fire to an idea that has been bouncing around in my mind, “Having my own bakery.” Plenty of things go into starting and running a business. Ample time, effort, and money are going to be major components when it comes to trying to start it up. How should one go about opening a bakery and keep that bakery open and running?
Before trying to figure out what all goes into owning and starting a business, the pros and cons of doing so need to be looked at beforehand. Will the pros outweigh the cons, or will trying to open something be too much of a hassle? Even though owing a business
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Now that that was decided, how does someone go about opening/starting a business. Many steps go into owning a business, and they should all be considered and thought out first before getting started. Figuring out if a business partner is needed or if this should just be a solo job would be the first step for me. That would be the first step because if having a partner is decided everything else needs to be decided with that partner. Because a bakery is what is being considered the type of bakery that wants to be opened along with what is going to be sold needs to be decided. Next a business plan should be thought out and written down. Then a location should be found afterward. After the location is picked, it needs to be decided how everything is going to be paid for. What is going to be sold and the prices of the baked goods and need to be thought out too. Once the place is bought, set up, and open advertisement needs to be put out to get customers and get the business …show more content…
Running a successful bakery that makes a good profit is going to be the top main goal. And after everything is said and done the bakery will be running successfully and is going to continue to run for a while. I would love for my bakery to continue to run even after I retire and pass it done to someone that is trustworthy to keep it going.
Starting and opening up a business is not going to be a walk in the park. Many steps and factors go into when it is all said and done. There is going to need to be plenty of effort and hard work put into by whoever wants to own their own business. If everything is done right though all of that hard work is going to be paid off with a successful business in the end. Opening up my own bakery is going to be worth it when the time

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