The Proper Techniques Of Weight Loss For A 30 Year Old Nba Basketball Player

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To discuss the proper techniques of weight loss for a 30 year old WNBA basketball player whom weighs 200 lbs at 6’ even. The WNBA player has just had a child a year ago and is just returning to her playing season after missing last season due to an injury. Female needs to loose 10-15 pounds in order to return back to an idea BMI. Weight loss is recommended at 1 pound per week while focusing on resistance training to increase lean mass while reducing body fat. This paper will include a complete three day diet analysis and report that has been structured around a healthy diet, built to support weight loss via creating a calorie deficit. It will also include many key points that are required to carry out a successful and healthy means of fat loss in order for out WNBA player to return to a desired BMI. As of now her BMI sits at 27.1 which is in the overweight range, the goal will be to lower he BMI to a healthier range at around 23 +/- BMI which is in the healthy range.

Maintaining a calorie deficit will be one of the most important keys of your weight loss journey, ensuring you are doing it properly will mean you can successfully loose extra body fat while gaining lean muscle mass. In creating a calorie deficit, I want you to cut no more that 500 calories per day, anything more than this can actually have negative effects in dieting. The following is your recommended calorie intake, BMR= 665.09 + (9.56 x 90) + (1.84 x 182) - (4.67 x 30) =1,717 x 1.9 = 3,263 calories needed…

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