The Prompt Of Essay : Literary Analysis

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The prompt of essay three, literary analysis, involves another recurring rhetoric. At the college level, I find myself routinely confronted by academic situations that require analyzation. In specific, how something is being said and what is being implied because of it appears often in a college setting. Even outside of college, analyzing writing, or even speech, is a useful skill to have, as it helps to pick up on hidden meanings and important messages.
Ironically enough, essay three was my least favorite because it felt like a waste of time. The assignment prompted me to compare and contrast the rhetorical strategies of two different writings meant for two different audiences, yet with similar topics. In all honesty, I began the essay unconvinced that either of the articles had the depth necessary for analyzation. Due to the fact that one source targeted a scholarly audience and another, a general audience, I didn’t have a difficult time understanding the choice of an ethos appeal in the first and a pathos in the second. While writing, I knew my indifference was palpable within each sentence, which undoubtedly led to a grade lower than what I could have earned had I felt .
From that grade, though, I have found a motivation for improvement. Other than my common thread of poor mechanics, I submitted the essay aware of the fact that I could have more clearly conveyed the message my scholarly source portrayed. So, when editing the essay I focused heavily upon expanding my…

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