The Promise Of Gwinnett Is Grant Valuable Educational Opportunities For Each Student

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The Promise of Gwinnett is to grant valuable educational opportunities for each student that accommodates to all of their specific needs no matter who they are. In the summer of 2008, my family and I moved from Downey, California in Los Angeles County to Lilburn, Georgia because my dad got a new job for Emory Hospital. Even though Emory is in downtown Atlanta, my dad selected for us to live in Gwinnett County because of its top-notch education. I remember that since I was 8 years old, my parents were saying that I would be going to Brookwood High School because they have the best education. When I started school in Georgia, I was going into the third grade at Gwin Oaks Elementary School and I stayed there for two years. That the place where I started to realize my grades were important. Back then I was doing so well; I had trouble reading. It was until the fourth grade that I started to push myself more and work harder. I was getting tired of seeing my sister and classmates getting gold and silver awards for high achievements while, I got a bronze award of achievement and an award for effort. I have always loved learning new things and I did enjoy being recognized for those accomplishments, but what wanted people to see me as the smart person I was with more potential. At the end of the year in fourth I got exceeds on all of my CRCT tests and ended the last quarter with A’s and B’s with no C’s. In fact, that was the last school year I ever got a C on my report ever again.…

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