Essay about The Project For Applied Project

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The main course concept project for Applied Project in Neurorehabilitation course was writing a grant. Grant writing is the process that refers to completing an application for funding provide by an organization. The funding is provided by a government department, public or private organization. This process is referred to grant as a proposal or submission. This process involves understanding the grant proposal submission. Completing a grant proposal and understanding the principles and the fundamentals is time consuming. However, the course requirement for grant writing was a team effort. Working on this project was a team effort and I hate team projects because team members personality and work ethics appear to clash. The grant writing project was a collaboration between three classmates with a common goal. As our project progress I realize that team 's goal and priorities was not the project. I tried strategies and concept for effective communication between the team members that allow the team members to communicate, however, my group members work ethics were questionable. I thought each team member were communicating openly and honestly therefore when I ask where the status of their assign task I always receive a positive answer. For example, the group had eight weeks to finish our project. The group divides the project tasks and every week the assigned task deadline was not met, this situation was very stressful. However, after several weeks I realize…

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