Essay about The Prohibition Era Of The United States

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In the US, the prohibition era was a period when there was a nationwide ban on consumption, production, and transportation of alcohol and other alcoholic products and goods. The era was between the years 1920 and early 1930s (Nishi 23). During this period, the sale of alcohol was prohibited since alcohol had been observed in the past to have numerous effects on the people and the economy of the nation in general. The movement was mainly propagated by the rural Protestants who had observed the effects that alcoholic beverages were having on the members of different societies.
Most people were at the time religious and thereby rejected the abuse of alcohol. The only alcoholic beverage that was allowed was wine for the believers. However, private consumption and ownership of alcohol by individuals were illegal in the eyes of the federal law. The prohibition era was a difficult time especially for people that were used to the drink. The highest proportion of these individuals constituted of members of the black community in the country at the time. The research essay below delved into the concerns and challenges that were witnessed by African-Americans during this era. The paper also assesses the advances that were made by blacks during this period.
The prohibition era was one of the major movements that led to the progressive era later in the century. Concerns such as drug use, alcoholism, social ills, and gambling would later result in activist movements that wanted to end…

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