The Process Of Learning New Information Essay

1784 Words Jun 30th, 2016 null Page
The process of learning new information has been researched extensively by cognitive psychologists for years in an effort to discover the most effective methods. One of the key components of being able to learn new information is an individual’s ability to retain information. For this reason, a key focus in developing more effective learning strategy is memory, which is responsible for retaining and accessing information to recall previously learned concepts. The significance of memory has been stressed in learning strategies focused on teaching and improving early reading skills in young children. In teaching children to read during the early stages, the most effective strategies have required visual-verbal integration, which relies on repetition to condition the subject to pair words with specific symbols until the subject eventually associates the symbol with the memory of the word. Researchers have discovered that pairing memories significantly improved the retrieval process. However, there is more than one technique that focus on pairing words with images. While word repetition has proven to be effective in this pairing process, a similar technique relies on semantically elaborated sentences in which the subjects are conditioned to pair the given word with the image by hearing the word in a sentence that connects the word and the image. Is the utilization of word repetition in order to memorize a word paired with a corresponding image the most effective strategy in…

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