The Process Of Exploration And Development Essay

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poses as well as the quality of the ideas presented the answer them. This is a path towards the state of dictating direction which, as discussed above is not the way to foster a state of innovation.
The other significant area that leaders seeking to drive innovation need to be aware of is that the process of exploration and development is not likely to be in line with many current business practices. Concepts such as Lean manufacturing (Coyle 2011) or Sigma Six (Slack 2012), focus on elimination of waste and standardisation. Seeking to employ the least amount of resources required to complete a task (). The trial and error process needed to innovate is essentially the opposite of this mindset. It could be argued that evolving operational processes (Baltzan 2010) and employing new techniques is a form of innovation. If this is in line with the challenges posed by leaders then it has delivered on the goals of the teams driving there implementation. Leaders must be careful in this instance as constraining the actions of staff could inhibit the creative process that will drive continuing innovation initiatives. Leadership motivated by control and limitation of costs will likely not be driven by innovation and instead focused on control measures to boost profitability (Hubbard 2012).
The ability to control costs is important as the return on investment (Atrill 2014) is one of the primary reasons to seek innovation in the first place. If there is not a reason, likely an…

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