The Process And Reality Of Becoming An Entrepreneurship Analysis

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The Process and Reality of Becoming An Entrepreneur in The 21st Century Southern New Hampshire University Eric Andrikowich


Major life changing events can change our perspective on the world around us and cause us to reevaluate our life choices. In respect to the field of entrepreneurship, it can be the go to for those individuals who didn 't quite get to make the right choice on their career “choice”. As certain careers continue to diminish from their past century triumphs, it is a better idea to begin looking towards entrepreneurship as a new era of entrepreneurs erupt.
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With that being said you want to spend more and more of your time surrounded by people that you click with and who appreciate you. It is a necessity for an aspiring entrepreneur to fully understand what motivates them. When you lose sight of any of these four freedoms you run the risk of hitting barriers and encountering complexity. In the event that, that happens at any time you can bring your focus back to building upon these freedoms. There are two different types of entrepreneurships which are explained by Donald Sexton in this quote in which he states “The starting point has been to distinguish “necessity entrepreneurship”, which is having to become an entrepreneur because you have no better option, from “opportunity entrepreneurship”, which is an active choice to start a new enterprise based on the perception that an unexploited or under exploited business opportunity exists.” Donald Sexton explains how it is a necessity to fully understand what a person 's intentions are prior to becoming an entrepreneur. Depending on your situation there are various options that you can choose …show more content…
Most if not all will undoubtedly confront some sort of hurdle in which they will have to have perseverance to overcome, once these obstacles are confronted the breakthrough can turn into a success and in the end make everything worth it. Aside from looking at it from a micro level, look at it from a macro level, entrepreneurs help boost economic growth by introducing innovative products and services. This increased competition from entrepreneurs challenges existing firms to be even more competitive. In short these entrepreneurs provide new job opportunities both long and short term. Economic development goes hand and hand with entrepreneurship. It benefits society in a way that entrepreneurs are developing their ideas and then reaping the rewards, this is crucial in order to preserve economic growth. As certain

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