Becoming An Entrepreneur

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The Process and Reality of Becoming An Entrepreneur in The 21st Century Southern New Hampshire University Eric Andrikowich


Major life changing events can change our perspective on the world around us and cause us to reevaluate our life choices. In respect to the field of entrepreneurship, it can be the go to for those individuals who didn 't quite get to make the right choice on their career “choice”. As certain careers continue to diminish from their past century triumphs, it is a better idea to begin looking towards entrepreneurship as a new era of entrepreneurs erupt.
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Next another option is to get a job in a pre-established company in which they spend the majority of their years putting blood, sweat and tears into working up the corporate ladder. One well established scholar summarizes this choice very well “it is established that, although there is an overlap between entrepreneurial firms and small business firms, they are different entities” (Carland). James Carland in this source serves a greater purpose to the reader, he points out a common misconception in which he then later clarifies the idea. In terms of corporate employees, they are constantly depending on getting raises, bonuses and promotions and put in everything they have in order to make someone else’s business prosper. The last option is to go against the pack and become an entrepreneur by starting at the bottom with the goal to make it to the top on your own terms. Those who make this decision understand the importance of owning the ladder instead of climbing up someone else’s. They would rather put their blood sweat and tears into their own business so that they can create real wealth and create financial freedom for themselves. The decision is up to you, you can either choose the road to financial independence or be stuck on the same perpetual hamster wheel like all the …show more content…
Transitioning from wage employment to self-employment boosted overall satisfaction in the lives of its workers. This greater job satisfaction spills over into the rest of their lives and leaves a lasting impression. One of the most important if not the most important intrinsic motivators is the freedom to spend your time doing what’s important to you. Life goes by very quickly and time is one thing we’ll never get back. This makes time one of our most valuable resources, and as an entrepreneur should be treated accordingly. You want to spend your working life doing what you really enjoy doing, and also want freedom to spend your time not working too. Whether it be a family emergency or just when other life circumstances come up, as an entrepreneur you have the ability to not work that day. This kind of flexibility is not offered at common day jobs. Your work should fit into your life, not the other way

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