The Problems For Police Brutality Essay

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From April 2009 to June 2010 5,986 reports of misconduct have been recorded and three-hundred and eighty two of those reports were fatalities. An example of what is happening is a case that involved Roy Middleton, a sixty year old man was shot at fifteen times for car theft but was actually mistaken. Luckily thirteen of them were misses, and not even knowing about the situation they shot the car and injured Mr.Middleton and judges found that the two deputies should not be criminally charged with wounding an unarmed man. This brings me to the three stages of oppression.
One of the big problems for police brutality is Institutional oppression, specifically the systems. The Judicial system is not fair to victims of police brutality because they favor the police. There was a trial for the beating of Robert Davis when he was buying cigarettes in New Orleans when three police officers, Lance Schilling, Robert Evangelist and Stuart Smith went across the street to him and said, “I will kick your ass” and then attacked him, and on that trial the police officers were released on bond ( Now people think that whenever a police officer stops them that something bad is going to happen and that they are automatically going to do something especially if they are a minority. Daniel Gomez, a citizen of Aurora Colorado said “I get scared whenever a cop is around and i try to do everything perfect or else the police will come after me”. That says that people are…

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