The Problem With Prison Overcrowding Essay

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There are solutions to deal with prison overcrowding that have been proven to work. These come in the form of “reduction programs”. Most prison population reduction programs are founded on the principles of releasing prisoners as appropriately as possible to make space for new inmates. Furthermore, as quoted from Pitts, Griffin, and Johnson on reduction programs:
“Generally referred to as backdoor strategies, prison population reduction usually entails providing early release incentives to inmates who qualify for such programs. Parole, parole reforms, home confinement/house arrest, work release, and good time credits all could be classified as means of directly reducing prison populations (Clear et al., 2011; Feinstein, 2011; Harris, 1991; Judge, 1982; Kendrick, 2011; Papy & Nimer, 1991; Smith & Akers, 1993; Turner, 2011).” (130) This shows there are many different ways in which to release prisoners-not all supplying them with complete “freedom”. Pitts, Griffin, and Johnson state that these programs “have an immediate impact on the availability of prison space. (131)”. In other words, these reduction programs quickly create more space for new admissions into prisons. These programs are important not only because they let people out of prisons to continue their lives, but they also create much needed space to house the extremely violent/ deadly offenders that deserve the long sentences. Allowing parole for some prisoners immediately releases them, house arrest forces them…

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