Prison Overpopulation Effects

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Broken Aid
When somebody in this country has broken the law they put in prison to learn from their mistakes in order to become a well adjusted citizen. This is not the outcome that is taking place at this moment; most people who are in prison are a worst state going out then they were going in. A quote by Gloria Steinem that sums up this idea of the prison system today; he states “ A pedestal is as much a prison as any small, confined space”. Prisons in the United States is not longer helping our society it hurt the overall population. The topics of conversation that can invoke change is the over crowding effect on the prisoners, the negative habits that are made in prison, and the after effects of prisons. The prison system is made to help
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In an article titled Yes, U.S. locks people up at a higher rate than any other country written by Michelle Ye Hee Lee goes into the growing issue with great detail. She states that “the United States has less than 5 percent of the world’s population, yet we have almost 25 percent of the world’s total prison population”. With such a great effect of overpopulation in prisons could have a negative effect on the population instead of helping. The point of prison is to rehabilitate people to become well adjusted citizens yet people are not able to do so because they in such close confines with other people. In response there is not space to invoke change but cause frustration. Another online article by The New York Times that supports this stance is titled Doubling Up in Prison Cells Saves Money but Stirs Inmates Anger by Jacques Steinberg it states the facts that reinforce the belief that overcrowding in making prisoner angry before open minded when he states “the total of 68,465 inmates is 31 percent more than the state 's prisons were designed to accommodate”. The space was never made for double the housing but to rehabilitate people who were living there already. The attitudes of the prisoners have not changed yet the court system wants to add more people. The prisons system is making business moves similar to a corotation and not a rehabilitation center. Instead it …show more content…
Some hope is had when laws are being voted on to decrease the volume of population when it comes to prison. The belief that when someone breaks the law they need to be placed away society may not be wrong yet the way the countrey is executing it is. Crime will always be something that the country faces but the way it hands its criminal need to adjust to the problem at hand and not jump to incarceration as a solution. It is also the prisons job to handle the drug problem. If a country believes that a prison sentence is the solution to a drug crime then it need to keep what started the problem out of the hands of people with a addition. Rehab should also be within the question for people trying to make a change and not just four walls and three meals a day. Then after a person is released it is the government 's job to supply this new member of society with the things that person need to succeed like a home, food and job. The process should not be a hand out but a hand up. The prison system is not a joke so it need to stop acting like one. As a result, these sytem that has gotten out of hand is no longer helping the country but weaking it by supplying us with worse people that have come out then went

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