The Problem With Female Genitalia Essay

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What is the problem with female nipples? Please, someone let me know why there is such a need to heavily censor a part of a body that is ubiquitous and natural as an ear. Every living mammalian species, male and female has nipples. But a naked uncovered ear does not get a picture flagged on Facebook or Instagram. Or worse gets your profile deleted and a ban from continuing to post your photos. Why? Why has the act of public breastfeeding become such a horrible and unsightly GOD WON’T SOMEONE THINK OF THE CHILDREN moment even though that is the whole purpose of breastfeeding- for the children. The nipple should be seen as innocuous as a knee. Puritans. Victorians. It is easy to place such a prudent view of a body part on our most conservative ancestors. Even a peek at a bare ankle or wrist was cause for scandal at the time, but the relaxation of fashion and added civil rights for has allowed millions of women to expose those tantalizing parts without being seen as immodest. They are only allowed in classical art. There has still been controversy over a statues bits. Fig leaves and shields were used to cover classical statues because heaven forbid you see a penis hanging overhead, as you walk into court. Western culture has a problem with body shaming and the double standards of our society. I am not saying that sexual harassment and objectification do not occur in other places across the globe. Of course they do. But they do not have laws forbidding or banning or jailing…

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