The Pros And Cons Of Dress Coding

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Lately, I have been pondering on the harsh dress code rules. When did my shoulders become something I should be ashamed of showing? When did it become a secret that girls wear undergarments? Admonishing girls for letting their shoulders or bra straps show is the most ridiculous form of dress code. Dress coding this harshly can promote negative feelings about their bodies, when they already feel bad enough. Making “thumb width” tank-tops mandatory in order to maintain the focus of the male students and faculty is outrageous. Shaming female students for allowing their shoulders or bra straps to show is ridiculous. When did a girl’s shoulder become distracting for boys? On a hot day, I will gladly throw on a tank-top, but I think twice about it because I know the school staff will make me change due …show more content…
Sometimes, it only flusters them and makes them even more eager to expostulate this rule. How is it fair that girls have to think about what effect their outfit will have on the male students in their class before they leave the house? How about we teach boys to quit being overweening and have respect for girls. Females should not be concerned about interfering with a male student’s education because he is so busy staring at her shoulders. In conclusion, I believe that the shoulder and bra strap dress code rule should be ameliorated or changed. It makes girls feel uncomfortable and insecure in their own skin. It teaches them to be ashamed of their perfectly-normal body parts, and most of the time they already feel bad enough. Lastly, females shouldn’t be concerned about wearing a shirt that reveals their shoulders so that male students can have better focus. A shoulder is a shoulder, and a bra strap is a bra strap, they will not debauch male students. There is nothing revealing and scandalous about either of these

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