The Problem Of The Referral Business Essays

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By now you’ve probably realized that if you want to be in the referral business, you must get into the event business. Why events? They are the quickest, most-powerful way to get people excited and talking about you. If you look at the recording and entertainment industries today, one of the largest profit centers is live events. World tours and back-to-back, sold-out events are the quickest way to generate buzz, word of mouth and sales.
You must give your customers a reason to talk about you and drag their referrals directly to you—preferably in great big droves. One of the most successful ways our businesses and the businesses of my coaching clients have generated a flood of new customers is through exclusive events. But don’t take my word for it; there are a host of massively successful companies using events to drive new customers through the door year after year. Some you will recognize, others you will not. All of them have powerful lessons for serious students willing to learn from this chapter.
Before we get started with the lessons, let’s recap what most small business owners think about referrals, and the strategies I see most of these businesses take when it comes to generating more word-of-mouth business. Ask yourself as you read this chapter, “How often am I confused regarding the truth about referrals and what it takes to generate more word-of-mouth business?” Write down your answers. This is not an academic exercise; the strategies presented here and…

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