The Problem Of Teenage Pregnancy Essays

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As a parent myself, I know without any doubt the difficulties involved with raising a child. The demands placed on me as a parent are immense now that my son is with us. Whether it is the time needed to be there for him or the money I need in order to provide for him, I know for certain that I would not have been able to raise a child at a younger age. When I was in my twenties I did not even have adult life completely figured out. Let’s take another step back and look at me as a teenager. I definitely didn’t have the kind of job that could provide for a child.
Teenage Pregnancy
Teenagers today are faced with a laundry list of issues. These range from making sure they wear the right clothes to the pressure put on them to try new things. When people hear about things kids are trying it may be assumed we are discussing drugs or alcohol. But one thing teenagers are often pressured into is sexual activity. Without any kind of education system in place, early sexual activity can lead to unplanned pregnancies. As I’ve said, a child one is prepared for is a huge undertaking much less the one a person is not prepared for.
In the early 1990’s there was a significant teen pregnancy rate per every 1,000 females aged 15-19. These rates were highest among Hispanic and Black communities. There has been a steady decline in the time since then. As of 2014, nearly 250,000 babies were born to young women who were not even 20 years of age. This is a decline of roughly two-thirds…

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