The Problem Of Prison Overcrowding Essay examples

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From 2004 to 2014, the number of detainees in Brazilian prisons increased by 67.5 percent, which is around 564,000 people. If you count the citizens that are under house arrest, the total soars to around 711,000 people, making it the third largest in the world (“The Barbarism of Brazilian”). While the population of Brazil has increased by a little over 30 percent, “that of its prisons and police cells has almost quintupled,” causing a severe overcrowding problem (“Welcome to the Middle”). These numbers continue to grow rapidly every day, causing a series of issues that result in unsanitary and inhumane conditions within the prisons. In fact, Patrick Caicedo, a public defender in Sao Paulo, says that the severely overcrowded prisons have become “storage units filled with human beings… without any infrastructure” (Caramente). Although it is true that the Brazilian government believes that there are other, more pressing issues besides prison overcrowding in the country, the prison system is calling for a change regarding the rapid growth of inmates within the prisons. Despite the fact that the majority of the Brazilian community agrees with the government, I disagree and argue that the government needs to make a better effort to improve the conditions of the Brazilian prisons.
Brazil has one of the highest rates of violence and crime in the world, so much of Brazil’s government funding has been geared towards reducing these rates. Because of this, the government has completely…

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