Essay on The Problem Of Preventing Poultry

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We are all accountable for the safeguarding of animal agriculture, especially poultry, and poultry products. Poultry is significant in the life of mankind for many reasons such as a food supply, employment, earnings, compost, products, research and more. The fact that poultry is so significant to us gives us an even bigger reason to want to safeguard and protect it. The roadmap to protecting poultry is not simple, yet it is vital when trying to keep out negative health problems in the poultry industry. People tend to claim that Salmonella is mainly a human problem, however; humans and poultry have a common enemy in Salmonella. When salmonella hurts poultry everybody hurts. In order to fight this enemy, we must learn all we can about what causes this infectious disease, ways to avoid the disease transmission, and what to do in case of an outbreak.
It is important to fight Salmonella because poultry has a special place in agriculture, especially in the United States. According to W. Stephen Damron, poultry includes a wide variety of domestic birds of several species either alive or dressed. He stated that "The poultry industry is large, with a combined gross annual income of almost $30 billion. The Poultry industry has three major segments whose relative contributions to the total value of poultry industry are responsible for over 11.6% of all U.S. farm cash receipts and 23% of animal agriculture 's share of all U.S. Farm cash receipts." This is true because the poultry…

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