The Problem Of Pop Culture Essay

727 Words Nov 19th, 2014 3 Pages
Katy Perry, Ariana Grande, Drake, Eminem. When people hear “pop,” they immediately think of these celebrities; not completely wrong, but the concept of pop culture has more profound meaning. Pop culture defines and reflects the contemporary society and people’s values, ideals, or even fears—fears that they might lose the race. Recent global economy has driven many employers out of jobs because of the competitiveness—and more people are in verge of losing jobs. Not only the adults feel the pressure, but also the students do. To meet the high global standards, the competition starts before getting a job, such as applying for college. And now, pop culture seems to alleviate the stress of different age groups. Exposed to the stressful environment, people nowadays attempt to attain a sense of comfort by escaping reality and pushing blames on others to save their world, as is evidenced in fantasy books, superhero movies, and semi-realistic scientific fiction TV shows.
From the spellbinding story of wizards, people confront and sympathize to the idea that the world is on hands of the few and selected ones. One of the most popular book series Harry Potter by J.K. Rowlings reveals the adventure of wizards, and, more importantly, the disparity between wizards and the ordinary people (Paul). Ordinary beings, referred as Muggles, are clearly distinguished from the witches; in fact, Muggles are remote from the conflict between Voldemort and witches in the last series Harry Potter and…

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