The Problem Of Obesity And Obesity Essays

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There are many problems that are faced in America. Many of the problems deal with teenagers and there health issues. Many teenagers suffer from diabetes, asthma, or high blood pressure. All these problems are cause by a disease called obesity. In the following paragraphs will be explained the causes of obesity, the risks associated, and how to prevent it. There are many causes of teenage obesity in America. Obesity is when someone takes in too many calories and their body cannot burn all of it, so it causes fat. Obesity is usually carried down from one the parents. Studies show that if one of their parents is obese their child will also have that problem. I will list a few causes and why people get obese because of it. One cause is poor eating habits. Many kids go for things that just taste good which are usually junk food. Many people do not realize what they are doing to their body until is starts to show. Poor eating habits may not give you enough nutrition that your body needs. If you do not get enough calcium it can make your bones less stronger causing them to weaken. Another cause is overeating. Many people overeat because they do not realize how much calories they are actually consuming in a meal. People are very bad with portion size. They could eat three pieces of pizza, which might be three thousand calories. Usually a teenager should take in one thousand and two hundred calories daily. You may not think that eating three pieces of pizza is bad because you do…

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