The Problem Of Mexico And America Essay

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What would you do if you had not place to work, no means by which to provide for your family? Where would you turn? This was the issue facing the individuals in northern Mexico during the 1900s. Many people were without jobs, having no way to provide for their family. They looked high and low, but the job market was sparse, and if there were jobs available, they required a specialized skill set that the people didn’t possess. In order to solve this problem, Mexico and America united together to form the first maquiladora. We will discover the effect that maquiladoras have had on the history of Mexico by looking at when and why they were first started and what the positive and negative effects of them have been. (Ansley 1) First of all, lets define what a maquiladora is. A maquiladora is essentially an assembly plant. Goods are imported into a country for the purpose of exportation. In the case of Mexico, America has made an agreement with them that the U.S. can import all the machinery and equipment necessary for production in addition to the materials that need to be assembled without having to pay any taxes. In return, Mexico would provide cheap labor, having their citizens assemble all the components and then ship the majority of the products back to the U.S. at a lower tariff than other foreign countries, giving them an advantage in the market. (Ansley 1; What is a Maquiladora 1) The Maquiladora Program was established in 1964, but didn’t gain the attention of…

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