The Culture Of Shut Up Jon Lovett Analysis

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In the article “The Culture of Shut up” (2014), Jon Lovett starts with a fictional story that represents the real world of the American culture. It shows the United States before a couple years ago. It begins with some rich white men who control the country and make rules for it. They also make their arguments about the rights, rules, and laws without asking or hearing from people. Sometimes they say what people want and sometimes not, it is just their opinion. In other words, they do what benefits them, not the other people. Until that one thing that changed everything.
The Internet, they found the Internet which changed their lives. People with the Internet can say whatever they want, whenever they want without hearing those white men. But
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Doing that in the story made the people lose the way to say their ideas. And by mentioning that here Lovett is trying to send a message to the people to share and listen to each other before they lose it or lose their right to share their opinions. Because they now have the First Amendment and the freedom of speech, but it might be gone if they didn’t use them in the right way. Also, because the Internet is making and solving the problems in the people life the author explained that the Internet is a double edged sword. The Internet is not causing all the problems in the world and it can’t solve all the problems such as Donald Trump. However, people on the Internet share a lot of information that some of them are …show more content…
Or a man who shouted up because he talked about gay people and a lot more of examples that Lovett mentioned in the article. However, Lovett didn’t place these examples to show that they are foolish. And he is not judging them, but he is showing the truth that is the media who is trying to score some hits. All of the people are involved in these hits because they are part of the culture of shut up. “It plays out in the defining down of ‘hate speech’ on liberal college campuses and in the defining down the ‘Anti-American’ at conservative conference” (Lovett, 2014). Also, people are not supporting each other like when they tell each other they want them to be safe, but actually they don’t want them to be safe. So the author here wants people not be afraid and say what they want and don’t care about those people who shut them

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