The Problem Of Homeless Families Essay

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“Homeless families are often hidden from our view- they are living in shelters, cars, campgrounds, or doubled up in crowded apartments” (Family Promise facts). People that we are aware of and live our lives around are not to our knowledge beneath the poverty level or homeless. The type of people we are or claim to be is the type of people we hang around for the most part when it comes down to it. Either similar personality or similar economically. The people who go to our schools and walk the same halls as we do, we believe are similar to us. Good family life, good enough income to pay tuition, enough money to dress like they do, ect. There are many stereotypes of the homeless and those in poverty especially since we are unaware and ignorant of the problems there is beneath the label of homeless. The label “homeless” is a broad word when it comes to this topic. In our culture today, in our state, our hometown, maybe on the very street we live on, there are others struggling. We may or may not know it or acknowledge it but it is there. We are quick to make assumptions in our minds and stick to them. From personal experience, when I was around six years old, I took a trip to Chicago, Illinois with my mom, aunt, grandma and sisters. The city of Chicago is large and crazy enough to maneuver as is even without people cluttering the streets shopping, walking to work, having lunch and hoping on the train but it is always a city on the go. Not to mention the traffic and of course…

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