Essay The Problem Of Higher Education

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I am the youngest of four siblings all eight years or older our parents have always instilled into us that higher education was the key to success. They placed a high importance on us achieving academically and pushed each of us to pursue higher education. How is it though that out of my siblings only one has graduated college when each has had the same life circumstances?
This is not only an issue amongst my family; it’s an issue across the board for people of Hispanic descent. Each year Hispanic student’s enroll in college for the first time and today their enrollment rates are increasing at historical rates, but the rates at which they drop out are higher than their graduate rate. One of the problems that these students face is their ethnic culture and family, which clashes with college culture and expectations. Another problem is how higher educational institutions fail to help these students adjust, pay for their educations or give bilingual information to parents. The third problem is the socioeconomic environment that some Hispanic children are growing up. These student’s educations should not only be their own issue, but our country’s issue as well, finding a solution for why Hispanic students fail to complete higher education is vital to the growth of our nation.
As of now Hispanic students fail to complete their higher educations from a lack of assistance and understanding from both educators and culture. One day their failure will have a negative effect on not…

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