The Problem Of Free Will Essay example

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From Tralfamadorian philosophy, Billy Pilgrim reaches the conclusion that free will does not exist. This deterministic attitude comes from Billy’s naiveté on the compatibility between our freedom to choose and pre-determined outcomes. For this paper, determinism will be simply defined as stating that given the past and the laws of nature there is only one possible future. In other words, the only future reality that will happen is the only reality that can happen, therefore, the state of the world now and the laws of nature determine the state of the world in the future. A different reality in the future is impossible. Free will seems to stem completely differently. Free will gives us the understanding that we not only have control over our actions and an ability to choose between different choices, but we also have an open future that is determined by our choices and actions.
The apparent incompatibility between free will and determinism leads Billy to his conclusion. It is easy to be sympathetic with that conclusion because if determinism shows that there is a fixed outcome, then I have no control to change the future. In other words, if it is only possible for me to do one thing and doing otherwise is impossible, then there is no choice in my action. These assertions seemingly threaten society’s general beliefs on freedom and accountability. If I am only free in one specific action in the future, then I cannot come to the conclusion that I am free because it is not…

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