Essay about The Problem of Evil

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The problem of evil is no problem at all In religious texts the world over the Abrahamic God possesses three inherent traits. He is omnibenevolent, omniscient, and omnipotent. God's omnibenevolence is one of the most appropriate reasons for worshiping him. But with that being said one finds it hard to view God as omnibenevolent when there is so much evil and suffering in the world. Some Atheists, perhaps unjustly, wield this discrepancy between idealistic dogma and perceived reality as strong evidence against the existence of God. First assume God exists. Along with his other powers, and most importantly for our species, God is supposed to possess omnibenevolence. Imagine a world created by an omnibenevolent god. What would this world …show more content…
If there exists an omnipotent, omniscient, and omnibenevolent God, then no evil would occur. Evil does exist, therefore one finds contradiction in the notion of God's eternal benevolence. Based on the premises, a sound, reasonable argument might be made. Unfortunately, when one thinks critically, already in the second line of the argument one finds problems. The second premise states that an omnibenevolent being would want to prevent all evils. This seems to follow from the assumption that all evils are detrimental and negative in nature. But anyone can look out into the world and see that sometimes inherently evil things or processes beget good things and so to prevent all evil things would also prevent some, if not many, good things as well. Given that line of thought one could say that to try and prevent all evils would itself then be an evil task, unbecoming of an omnibenevolent being. An example of this would be a sculptor setting out to craft a masterpiece sculpture. He must first remove the block of stone from its natural environment. Then he must go to work chipping away at it, continually breaking off, piece by piece, everything that made it whole. Once he is finished he might have his beautiful masterpiece to inspire and captivate the masses, but it comes at the cost of ruining that natural beauty the stone inherently possessed. What if, by definition, a universe like ours could not be created, by any

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