The Problem Of Evil And The Reality Of The Devil Essay

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The Problem of Evil "Overwhelmingly, global South churches teach a firm belief in the existence of evil and in the reality of the devil; and that is especially true of Pentecostal and charismatic churches" (Jenkins 2006, 100). Biblical teachings that relate to the existence of evil and the reality of the devil are all throughout the bible from Genesis to the book of Revelations. Adam ate the fruit which introduced the option of work, labor and death (Genesis 3:16-18). The amillennial prospective speaks to the good and evil introduce into the first heaven (Eden). Only the second coming of Jesus and the events that surround it can get Christians back to that state (New Eden). The simplicity of the amillennial view brings revelation to the toil of good and evil both in our individual lives and corporate. Heaven and Hell become vivid. The amillennial view presents Eschatology or last things as right now" or "already". Faith is believed to be the essence of this view. I 'm not sure I agree that it is the least biblical though. Many scriptures talk about Jesus 's advent and the events at the cross as redemptive power The roots of contemporary Christian leadership related to culture, tradition, worldview, and doctrine run deep into a perplex revelation of heaven and hell. Biblical teachings that relate to leadership and challenges that would arise for a Christian leader in a contemporary cultural context are reference in many scriptures. Women should not wear…

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