Essay The Problem Of Drugs And Drugs

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Jane Dowe was a girl from Lorain County-suburb in Ohio who became addicted to heroin and forced into prostitution because of car accident when she was 14. In the accident her arm was shattered and she had six surgeries to fix it. She spent two weeks on morphine. Due to her pain, the hospital prescribed pain killers. She would take the pills until she needed a refill. When the prescription ended, she turned to the streets to support her addiction. When she could no longer afford the pills, she turned to heroin because it was cheaper. She would buy it from Mack, a known drug dealer in the area. He would pick her up from her house and bring her somewhere else to supply her with the drugs. When she did not have enough money Mack would let her pay with sex. Eventually, he forced her into his prostitution "business" as payment for her addiction. He took control of her whole life. He would buy her clothes food and cigarettes. When drugs were missing, she along with other girls, would undergo a cavity search. She was taken to motels to meet clients; most of the time, there were several in one day. Mack was eventually arrested and all the girls were set free. It took Jane a long time to detoxify and get her life back. Drugs are very addictive and they change people. Drugs ruin lives. The addiction takes over and everything else going on around you seems to shrink in comparison. Drug addicts essentially have no lives except for feeding their addiction which becomes a 24 hour job.…

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