Essay about The Problem Of Drug And Alcohol Abuse

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Addiction is everywhere, from television, to celebrities, family members, and maybe even a close friend is suffering from it. It is a chronic brain disease that causes compulsive substance use despite harmful consequences. Roughly about 23.5 million Americans are either addicted to alcohol or drugs. Sadly, only 11% of those people suffering from this chronic disease get treatment. There have been many celebrities that have been in the tabloids and over the news for either alcoholism or drug abuse. For example, Lindsay Lohan, Mary Kate-Olsen, Heath Ledger, Robert Downey Jr, Chris Herren, and many more are victims. Chris Herren was a professional basketball player in the NBA from 1999-2001, he played for the Boston Celtics and nuggets but his life took a turn for the worst when he started using and abusing drugs in his college years. Alcohol and drugs have a way of getting into people’s lives and completely turning their world upside down. Drug and alcohol abuse is a countrywide problem and is destroying many people’s lives and their families. It is an ongoing question how addicts can put themselves and their loved ones around them in so much pain.
Nevertheless, addiction remains a growing problem. Some people just don’t know when to quit. Most don’t even expect to get addicted to drugs or alcohol; they only start using because of social situations. But there are also instances where people get high or drunk to get rid of stress and forget about all their life problems and…

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