The Problem Of Domestic Violence Essay example

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Introduction: Luckily for me, domestic violence is not something I have ever had to deal with personally. However, it is still something that needs more attention. According to the National Coalition against Domestic Violence (NCADV), on average every 9 seconds a women is being domestically abused. If you do that math that is 9,600 women in one day. In State College particularly, there has been two deaths in the past three months according to the Centre County Women’s Research center. These statistics are shocking, but unfortunately domestic violence is not something that is addressed enough. Beverly Gooden, a domestic violence survivor, recently gave a moving speech at Penn State University. She bravely stood up in front of a crowd and told her very personal and scary story. Her courageousness was motivating to say the least and because of her many people are more educated about the dangers of domestic violence. For counselors, domestic violence can be an enormous ethical issue. Mainly, counselors face the ethic decision of breaking confidentiality which can break a client’s autonomy. Also, counselors face the ethical decision surrounding their own competence while dealing with a very emotional topic. Counselors face multiple ethical issues surrounding domestic violence and the appropriate path to take in order to help a client is not always black and white.
In this article, Mary Ellsberg, and Lori Heise, focus on the basic moral principles of decision…

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