The Problem Of Crime And Crime Essay

2181 Words Dec 6th, 2016 9 Pages
We, the public, are led to believe that crime is all around us, rampant and ever increasing. It is intentionally placed in our line of sight on a daily basis where we are bombarded with it through various forms of media; from TV, Radio, Newspapers, and online ads and headlines, it is impossible to avoid. This seed of fear is planted in our minds, and then watered with sensational crime stories to promote its growth until we accept what we are being fed without question. We are told that our prisons are overcrowded, that something needs to be done and that more prisons need to be built to house the additional offenders. Maybe we need to look at fixing the overcrowding from a proactive point of view instead of reactive. What type of criminals are being locked away in our prison’s? When I think of crime and who should be locked away, I think of violent crime and harm against other people. Murder, assault, fraud, rape, pedophiles; these are the people that do need to be in our prisons. What isn’t on my list, is drug offences which take up a large portion of the space in our prisons. According to a report by the U.S. Department of Justice, in 2012 52% of federal prisoners in the United States primary offense was a drug offense; that’s more than half of the overall prison population! Drug use is often called a victimless crime, I believe this is for good reason; why is doing drugs illegal? The people engaging in personal drug use are only harming themselves, similar to alcohol…

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