Essay on The Problem Of Causing Addiction

1835 Words May 15th, 2016 null Page
Causing addiction is another impact of using smartphone early that researchers have suggested that parents should keep their eyes on their children. In fact, a smartphone provides many beneficial applications to satisfy the entertaining need of children, so this device can easily be a source of addiction. Once a child becomes addicted to smartphone usage, it will leave many negative and long-term effects on these kids, even to their adulthood. Kids are familiar with using smartphones to play, to watch videos, and to do hundreds of different purposes. A smartphone is not just an object, but it becomes kids’ best friend, and they are so dependent and reliant on the use of this “friend”. Therefore, it is hard for them to disconnect and put the devices away to go outside. Many adolescents have admitted that they are suffering from “Nomophobia”, which is known as the anxiety of losing the smartphone or the fear of being out of mobile phone contact (Emanuel et al. 292). It is actually the abbreviation for “no mobile phone phobia”, and it is sometimes called smartphone addiction. Furthermore, smartphone addiction also produces similar feelings as drug addiction (Williams). Clearly, smartphones are a drug that they cannot easily be given up. It can cause some mental illness to these young kids. Without the phones, they tend to become aggressive, depressed, anxious, and worried. Accordingly, numerous young kids need to go to psychological treatment in the event they heavily suffer…

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