The Problem Of Biker And Pedestrian Safety On College Station Campus

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To: Texas A&M Transportation Services
From: Zachary Bishop
Date: October 8, 2014
Subject: Biker and Pedestrian Safety on College Station Campus
Texas A&M University- College Station is a public university that according to College Board, had 55,378 students one year ago. Having over 50,000 students plus faculty members crammed together on one campus can make traveling from class to class, without running into someone, a very hard feat. Not only will you pass thousands of pedestrian students and faculty every day, but you will see a large sum of students riding around campus on bikes as well. As of spring break of 2014, an article called Shifting Gears found that “6,700 bicycles (were) left on campus” (Reiley). This means that roughly 13 out of 100 students have a bike that is on campus. When these students travel through campus on their bikes, it can become very dangerous if they decide to weave in and out of the pedestrians. Regardless of whether you are a bicyclists or a pedestrian, we can all benefit from having a better set up for on campus transportation.
Problem of Bike Safety on Campus
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With bicycle paths, bikers no longer have to worry about being slowed down by large groups of students walking. Walking students will also no longer have to worry about being in a biker’s path and potentially getting hurt. It is a win-win situation for all parties involved. Adding bicycle paths to only a few of the most congested locations on campus is both time saving and cost effective. Adding paths only where they are necessary can help the university to budget for other important needs that may arise in the future. These bicycle paths will help to ease up the congestion between classes and keep our students safe. Professors will no longer have to watch students show up late to their class, and disturb everyone, because they were not able to get across campus quickly

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