The Problem Of A Condom Essay

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Just as I expected, she is fresh out of the hospital and still going to go too Florida. From the address, it appears to only be a few hours’ drive but she needs to be resting. First she damn near is beginning me to have a baby, then acts like she can’t stand me. Then when she acts like every other week Britney she wants me to make love to her all of the time. She even went so far as to ask me to use a condom because she wants to rebuild trust. She has been so into me that I don’t even think she realized that I stop using a condom weeks ago. I have also notice that her birth control pills have been sitting in the same spot for the last two months. I know she is hurt but I don’t think she even realizes this considering how busy she has been. I must admit, she has been everything but predictable since Cameron has been with his father, and I overheard his father ask if Cameron can live with him during the school year and Britney said she would consider it. Britney, considering Cameron living with his father. This is something new and the predictable Britney would have never considered it. I must have really messed her up because she is new person, she is so new at time it almost feels like she is two different people. Then when she was in the hospital she tells me if I even speak of her being pregnant she will leave and contact me when the baby is born. I could not believe it. Mr. Edwards is a good friend of the family and dated my mother for years before they broke up…

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