The Problem Of A Car Accident Essay

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How many times have you encountered a situation where a loved one was lying in a hospital bed due to a serious car accident? Your answer is probably multiple times. Why does it have to be this way? Why isn’t there some sort of solution to reduce the number of fatal car crashes? The truth is that there is an answer; however, some people are just too afraid of advancements in technology. Google and other sponsors are creating a prototype driverless vehicle that will solve this serious problem that affects thousands of households on a yearly basis. Many of you may be thinking, ‘I’m a careful driver that hasn’t gotten into a car accident. How does this pertain to me and my life?’ Well, are you the only driver out on the roads? No, you’re not. Other drivers are on the road with you that will increase your chances of having a car accident. According to an article The Robot Car of Tomorrow May Just Be Programmed to Hit You, “Human error, distracted driving, drunk driving, and so on are responsible for 90 percent or more of car accidents today, and 32,000-plus people die on U.S. roads every year” (2014). Did you read that correctly? Yes, human error accounts for more than 90 percent of our fatal car accidents! Google believes that their two-seater prototype driverless car will make our roads safer by reducing human error and will decrease pollution as well as our dreaded traffic jams to work during rush hour. On the other hand, writer Patrick Lin of Autopia (2014), believes…

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