The Privilege Of Interviewing A First Year Teacher At My Son 's School

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I had the privilege of interviewing a first year teacher at my son 's school. Ms. James is a first year pre-kindergarten teacher at White Bluff Elementary School. She was one of the teachers assigned to welcoming the kids to school every morning; that was how I got to meet her. She enjoys teaching the pre-kindergarten because she wants to put a lasting imprints on the educational sojourn of the kids as their first ever teachers apart from their parents or guardians, furthermore, she cannot resist the flexibility of the Pre-K curriculum compared to other grades. At that nascent stage of their educational journeys, Ms. James has high expectations of her students as well as for herself. Ms. James monitors the progresses of her student 's and she is of the opinion that students at that early stage in life should be instructed based on their individual learning levels.
She also professed that she carries parents along by communicating with them their wards development which is not limited to academic developments and social skills.
Ms. James crossed a lot of hurdles before she became a teacher during her undergraduate years in college and also as a graduate student as an Early Childhood Education major. She completed her graduate degree in 2013 and she was hired at the end of the 2014/2015 school year by Savannah Chatham County Public School System as a Pre-K teacher.
Supports for teachers which is not only limited to first year teachers is available to Ms. James at White Bluff…

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