The Principles Of Human Resource Essay

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Throughout the semester we have learned about Framework Approaches to Leadership discussed by Boleman and Deal. These approaches are example guides for leaders to express that there are more than one behavioral model for leaders to incorporate into their leadership role. These concepts can help today’s leaders depending on the type of career they are pursuing. Not every workplace is going to be lead the same way and these four frameworks help direct leaders to the appropriate approach based on the situation. Bolman and Deal 's Four Frameworks consist of Structural Framework, Human Resource Framework, Political Framework, and Symbolic Framework.
Earlier in the semester I completed the Leadership Frame Assessment and my results were as follow: Structural- 16, Human Resources- 19, Political- 9, and Symbolic- 16. I was not surprised human resource was my top framework. Currently I am a banker and I am constantly assisting clients and supporting my team. When reviewing the description for human resource, I believe I incorporate this framework into my leadership style daily. This style is described as supportive, advocate and empowerment. My goals as a leader is to keep my team motivated and feel appreciated along with my clients. I am supportive and empathic to their feelings. I do my best as a leader to instill the LAST(listen, apologize, solve and thank) model with each one of my clients. As for empowerment, I am always encouraging and pushing my team to perform to the best of…

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