The Principles And Practices Of Different Organizations Essay

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In terms of managing a travel and tourism department, developing manager is a very important part. Every business firm whether it is a small-scale or large-scale industry, it has to raise an issue about the developing manager. Development of the managers has now become a strategic achievement in every organization. But the success in developing manager mainly depends on the approach of the organization towards the development of the manager. This report will analyze the principles and practices of management behaviors of different organizations. The study will also compare the diversified leadership styles of different companies. It will also outline the communication process of different organizations. In addition to this, the information of the report will be able to outline my own potential as a prospective manager. The aim of the assignment is to identify and evaluate the ideas of a developing manager which will be based on the travel operating company. At last, the study will also be able to forecast the managerial skills that are essential in the business and service context. The study will also then be able to develop a career development plan for employment within the frames of services and businesses.
LO1 Understand principles and practices of management behavior
In the sector of travel and tourism, hospitality and many others customer oriented business, the principles and practices of a proper management is essential. Effective management is as important as…

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