Essay on The Primary Goal For An Educator

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The primary goal for an educator in a high school is for each of their students to be successful in their classes. In order for this to be true, it is important for each student to have the desire to put in the work and the willingness to learn the subject. In high school math courses, it is crucial for the students to have that desire and will to be successful; it is crucial for them to constantly be motivated to do so. Initially, the students themselves are responsible being motivation for their own needs. Whether the students are motivated to learn or not, the teacher should be responsible for knowing in which they can increase their students’ motivation. By pursuing autonomous support and motivation, applying technology use in the right context if necessary, and the approaches they act upon, high school students in math courses will have an increase of motivation, which will result in an increase of test performance. There are various ways to describe motivation along with many elements that applies to it. One of those elements is the form of autonomous motivation. According to Hagger, Sultan, Hardcast;e, Reeve, Ratall, Fraser, Hamiltion & Chatziarsanitis (2015), “Autonomous motivation is defined as acting for reasons of interest and enjoyment in the belief that the self is the origin of the behavior” (page 177). Teachers must pursue in order for teachers to promote this, they must adopt autonomy-supportive styles that promotes the students’ interest and self-direct…

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