The Price Strategy Of Kit Kaat

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Register to read the introduction… When we look at the price strategy of KitKat, we see that the price has remained stable over the last couple of years. And it’s not very expensive, it starts from 70 cents.
This price has also a great effect on the consumers. Especially for those who are price conscious- because the price always stays stable. There might be some changes in price, but it’s never very much, so usually the consumers stay loyal with the brand.
When we look at the socio-economic background of the KitKat consumers, we see that they are from a general public. So they are from all ages and sexes. And because of the price, the products are accessible to almost everyone, even for people from a lower class.

Another important factor of the Marketing Mix is
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You may remember the office TV commercials where employees having a break when they eating a KitKat. These commercials were very popular and typical KitKat.

But KitKats image is not flawless. In 2010 Greenpeace accused Nestle for using palm oil from companies that are destroying Indonesian rainforests and the live hoods of Orang Utans. Greenpeace released a video commercial in that same typical KitKat style, in order to raise awareness among the KitKat consumers and to ask them to give the Orang Utan his well deserved break. It is a pretty in-your-face video in which the chocolate fingers of KitKat turn out to be the fingers of an Orang Utan and the crème-filling is its blood. I will show you the video.

As response, Neslte insisted on removing the video from YouTube. But this gave the Greenpeace campaign only more publicity. It even went more wrong when Nestle deleted the angry comments on its own Facebook-page and ignored angry Twitter reactions. This was causing a big

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