The Price Of Loyalty : My Childhood Memories Essay

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The price of loyalty.
I was introduced to the concept of loyalty early in my childhood in a dramatic and a problematic way that still resonates in my consciousness even today and I frequently find myself pondering whether loyalty is means or the end, whether it is who someone is or whether it is something that we can learn. This experience is embedded in my childhood memory as one of the most influential and emotional events. It is significant in so many ways, but particularly because it had put me at odds with the concept of moral dualism so early on in my life. As much as it is hard even today for me to draw clear lines between good and bad, evel and noble, black and white, it was especially hard for me to process what happened. In this essay, I decided to share with you this unique and complex experience from my childhood memories.
I still remember the day when I was about 6-7 years old, my father brought me that chubby puppy that was the cutest thing I have ever had. We named this pure-breed German shepherd Buran which means windstorm. I liked that name because it sounded mighty and powerful. Buran grew fast and became as mighty and powerful as its name suggested.
But for me, as think back now, it remained as the same cute and playful puppy.
Back in Uzbekistan, in rural towns people live in single-story houses with large courtyards surrounded by the rooms of the house and a large backyard for growing essential vegetables and fruits for the household. In our culture…

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