Essay on The Presidential Election Of 1912

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Election of 1912 plays a significant role in understanding the political system of United States. This election presents evidence to how third parties can impact the election results. The election of 1912 had two third-party candidates running for President among the two major parties, Theodore Roosevelt as Progressive party candidate and Eugene V. Debs representing Socialist party. Even though they both were third parties, they had to encounter different obstacles on their journey. This election illustrates two different aspects of third parties. The presidential election of 1912 displays the power of third parties and how it is ignored by the people and the government. Third party candidates journey through different paths as to the two major parties. This election demonstrates the different kinds of obstacles that third parties confront on their journey when compared to the other two major parties and their journey. Moreover, the popularity of each candidate among people performs a huge role in winning the election. Parties always choose a national figure that has won the favor of people in the past. The progressive party chose Theodore Roosevelt for his popularity among the average people as the former President, thus helped Progressive party to attract media attention. The Washington Herald newspaper published an article surrounding Theodore Roosevelt accepting the nomination of Progressive party to run for President . This represents an example of how the popularity…

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