Women's Movement In The Election Of 1912

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By the Election of 1912, women in California had voted in three elections (Freeman). In 1911, women in California had the right to vote in elections including, but not limited to, the presidential elections. The Presidential election in 1912 would be the first election in which registered voting women suffragists in California would help to elect the President. Suffragists were people in the past that advocated getting extensions of suffrage, especially to women. Had Theodore Roosevelt not parted from William Howard Taft and the Republican Party in the Election of 1912 to form his own third party, Californian women suffragists may not have been as involved in the Election of 1912 as they were. The three candidates of the Election of 1912 who …show more content…
Krebs believes this fact to be crucial for women for the future of America, yet believes endorsing Presidential hopeful Taft is the solution. Roosevelt and Johnson’s campaign poster literally states that they are “The Party which declares women are human beings and should have equal rights with men” (Election). Luckily for Roosevelt, besides the fact that Taft had not taken a public stance on women’s suffrage, the Democratic National Convention was almost completely unresponsive to women’s suffrage at this time, until this election. This likely has something to do with Roosevelt’s turnout, despite losing the election.
Overall, Roosevelt made the best impression on women because from the start of his campaign run, he endorsed women. In his campaign along with Governor Johnson, he spoke passionately about women- “I honor the good wife and mother…the women who bear children and attend to their own homes have precisely the same right to speak in politics that their husbands have,” he said (Freeman). Why any women, including journalist Krebs, thought that Taft’s credentials to lead women to a brighter future were more impressive and legitimate is

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