The Presentation Of Love In The Gospel Of Matthew

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Love is shown in the Matthew in several occurrences, but one of the biggest ones is Christ 's crucifixion(27:45-56). Jesus death is the biggest sacrifice that has ever been done for mankind and is the biggest expression of love.
Throughout the gospel of Matthew, Jesus has had encounters with various people, such as giving to the needy (6:1-4), Jesus heals a paralytic (9:1-8), Jesus Heals two blind men (9:27-31), Jesus heals a man unable to speak (9:32-34), his lessons and healings are all ways in which Jesus is showing love and in multiples occurrences, He tells his disciples and his followers that they need to do that same thing (5:48). Jesus actions show love, therefore, we must show love. This is evident in matthew chapter 5(:43-48)
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Chapter 1 is the genealogy and birth of Jesus from his mother Mary. When mary found out that she was pregnant she said that her baby was a gift from the Holy Spirit (1:18).
Throughout the Gospel Jesus gives direction and missions for his followers. His proclamation to speak the gospel also came with a warning. Through who proclaim Him will also get persecuted for it. Jesus speaks of what could happen in Matthew chapter 10 starting in verse 16. He says that we should not be anxious because it is the Spirit who speaks through us.
In chapter 12 (22-32) Jesus casts out the demons from a blind and mute man. When they heard about it, the Pharisees said that that the only way he did that was because he was the prince of demon. Jesus refutes this claim and goes on to speak about how those who speak against the Holy Spirit will not be forgiven.
The Holy Spirit is there to live in us and guide us as we live and experience the world but also have faith towards God and His calling for us and these points in Matthew continue to prove that point.

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