The Presence Of Technology And The Media Essay

1123 Words Apr 21st, 2016 5 Pages
In modern times, the constant presence of technology and the media distracts us from our relationships. We spend too much time fussing about how outside sources tell us to look and act, and we forget about the people surrounding us. Our relationships deteriorate, and we forget about how important it is to love others and ourselves, as God taught us to. Throughout Units 1 and 2 in our Love, Choices, and Vocations class, we learned how to strengthen and better our relationships with God, others, and ourselves through love.
In every human being, there is an inner voice or center of peace that inspires us and calls us to a particular way of life. For many people. this inner voice, or ‘vocation’, is God speaking to them and telling them what He planned for their lives. Although the voice or center can draw us to many different lifestyles, the main instruction that this voice tells us to do is to love others. God created us in God’s loving image, thus designing us to spread love throughout the world. God instilled in us authentic, unconditional love, known as Agapé love, which allows us to truly love and care for others with all of our being. By giving us love from birth and blessing us with many gifts and talents, God encourages us to strengthen our relationship with Him by loving and inspiring others. However, I don’t believe my relationship with God is very strong. I have always prayed every night thanking Him for all He has given me and asking Him to protect my loved ones, but…

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