The Prentice Hall 's Self Assessment Essay

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This paper explores the results of the Prentice Hall’s Self-Assessment provided by the Organization Behavior textbook (Robbins & Judge, 2009). The test measured several areas including: personality traits; ethics; decision-making skills; communication skills; insights on leadership skills; and the individual’s ability to work within a group. The results of the exam were based on my answers to the questions—from this I have learned how to be a more effective leader, employee, and co-worker. Additionally, the results provided me with insight into my own shortcomings and how to overcome them through my Christian faith. Dr. Fischer repeatedly reminds us that our covenantal responsibility is directly related to the individual’s ability to put aside their own beliefs and/or needs to work effectively with others in an organization (Fischer, n.d. Presentation 1: slide 9).

Keywords: personality traits, leader, communication, covenant

Understanding Leadership Capabilities Dr. Fischer defines people or individuals as those, “made in the image of God and therefore equipped with certain gifts and personality traits that make their contributions to the organization uniquely their own” (Fischer, 2006). As an individual within an organization I am responsible for the way in which I conduct myself, the way in which others perceive me, and my ability to lead a group of like-minded people to success. Based on the Prentice Hall’s Self-Assessment Online Library…

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