The Prayer Of The Baptist Church Essay

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Megan O’Brien On Tuesday, March 15th I went to one of the interfaith dialogue meetings. It was held in the basement of the St. Paul’s Episcopal Church. The topic for our discussion was faith as a daily practice. When I first walked in I realized it wasn’t as big of a group that I was expecting. When I got there I noticed how welcoming everyone was to have us there. I was even asked a couple times if I was a part of your religions class! After getting to talk to everyone we sat down and prayed and got to go up and get dinner. We had a variety of different foods, which was very nice. We got to eat for about a half hour then we started our discussion. First we introduced ourselves to everyone. I thought it was very interesting that a lot of the adults were either professors or worked on campus at SDSU. Then we talked about how other religions practice on a daily bases. I heard many people talk about how they practice every day. While I was there I noticed that most of the people there were in a Christian religion but it was really amazing to meet some people that are from different religions too. I heard one man talk about how he practices as a Muslim. He prays to God five times a day. Once when he gets up in the morning when they get up, right before they eat lunch, again in the afternoon, at dinner before sunset, and lastly before they go to bed. He talked about what happens if he forgets to pray. If he forgets to pray right before bed then he will have a restless night of…

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