The Power Of The West Essay example

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During the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, there were many ideas/ forces used in our history that were most accountable for maintaining the power of the West. Nations such as Europe, the United States, and Great Britain used their superior power to their own advantage. Technology and great resources were things that helped them succeed in controlling and maintaining their hold over the West. Without their superior thinking, these nations would not have been able to keep their power without losing it. Europe was one nation that used their superior power and to try and imperialize Africa in the 19th century. Europe spent most of the end of the nineteenth century colonizing Africa by using their resources too eventually make it industrialized, and use their land themselves. Europe knew that the African people had the raw materials they could use, so they believed that their countries would be the best to take over; they could build an industrial economy which was eventually known as the “Scramble for Africa”. Technology was able to help them continue to be dominant in Africa because they could get anywhere they needed to go with their steamships and they developed medicines to keep them healthy when they came in contact with deadly diseases. Africa wasn’t as strong enough to take over, get their land back and defeat them. However, Africans did not surrender but they also didn’t win any wars to claim their hold on their own land. Great Britain in particular was a country in…

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